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Ragin Wenk-Wolff, violinist
Amos Anvik, pianist

Ragin Wenk-Wolff leads on the legendary tradition of music history’s towering violin masters; Nathan Milstein in London, she had the rare privileg to work closely with in several of his later years, as well as with Ivry Gitlis in Paris, which still delights audiences today, despite his advanced age, and Aaron Rosand, who was the one who first brought her to New York. New York has been her base for many years, but now she eventually more return home again.Ragin is behind everything from frequent radio and television appearances, premiere and CD recordings of violin concerti composed for and dedicated to her (including Johan Kvandal, Ragnar Söderberg Lind, Knut Nystedt) with orchestras such as the Royal Philharmonic in London – exhibitions of their art in places as diverse as Paris and Lyngdalselva, where she also obviously also gave concerts.

Her official debut concert in the Aula in Oslo as 17-year-old created a sensation and was followed by the Debut Prize and numerous other awards, soloist performances with all the major Norwegian orchestras as well as in Europe and the United States.

Tonight we get a Sneak-peek concert which means that she is showing video and talks about his multi-dimensional experience of the music, which includes colors, shapes, images etc., and it gets an insight into what can be expected at the premiere of her multi-medial concert show, “Ragin à la mode” in the theater – and opera hall at source in London on 17 October. We will also experience the music with all 6 different costumes of her own design, which blends in with the colors and atmosphere of each number in the program. The concert lasts about an hour without pause.

Ragin playing on a Stradivarius violin from 1689 by ex-Milstein Tourte bow, even the same arc as Nathan Milstein spent 99{0b916b3103f9dd44c2a945253d978a557ae8316e84e440988c9d2b39c58ffa34} of the time. – la-mode

Pilot video music

Pilot video documentary

Aftenposten, Oslo, Norway

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Before her concert yesterday violinist Ragin Wenk-Wolff announced that she wanted every concert to be a special experience. Ragin Wenk-Wolff aims at making every concert work, and her thoroughly composed program (including change of outfits before works with new character) had the effect of being dangerously seductive. However, it was very impressive, and the colors harmonize in refined sophistication with the program. Ragin Wenk-Wolff played for a breathless audience. She came out like a Mediterranean flower to perform music of a more southern character. The sumptuously virtuoso performance naturally demanded several encores. A dazzling experience.”