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“Sensitive playing in lyrical passages, and assertive command – such as a strong, seven ­minute unaccompanied Sonata “For Ragin” by the Norwegian composer Johan Kvandal. “

— The New York Times

Before her concert yesterday violinist Ragin Wenk-Wolff announced that she wanted every concert to be a special experience. Ragin Wenk-Wolff aims at making every concert work, and her thoroughly composed program (including change of outfits before works with new character) had the effect of being dangerously seductive. However, it was very impressive, and the colors harmonize in refined sophistication with the program. Ragin Wenk-Wolff played for a breathless audience. She came out like a Mediterranean flower to perform music of a more southern character. The sumptuously virtuoso performance naturally demanded several encores. A dazzling experience.”
— Aftenposten, Oslo, Norway

So technically at ease, so emotionally intense and at the same time elegant, not many violinists can follow in her footsteps.”
Arbeiderbladet, Oslo, Norway

“The most satisfying part of the programme was Johan Kvandal’s solo sonata “For Ragin”, op.45. Her performance was wholly at one with the score. In the well known works that surrounded this newcomer, Wenk-Wolff proved most effective as an interpreter in the Grieg Sonata, op.45, where her fire and avoidance of sentiment lent her performance some healthy music. – good musical instincts and a fine fearlessness. ”
The Strad, New York

“The kind of talent we heard on Saturday night is exceptional. ”
— Nordisk Tidende, New York

“The young violinist shows her qualities as an accomplished virtuoso and a musician of unfailing taste. ”
Hauts de Seine, Paris, France

“Soft, colorful tone…sensitive phrasing…instrumental mastery…perfect intonation…excellent, exquisite technique Janacek May Music Festival 2000”
Strana Ctyri, Ostrava, Czech Republic

“And in all these differing styles of the works she played, Ragin Wenk-Wolff impressed with her technical abilities as well as her musicality. ”
General Anzeiger, Bonn, Germany

“A violinist to be counted. ”
Arnhemse Courant, Holland

“Tremendously exciting, lively and contrastful tone coloring. ”
Arbeider-Avisa, Trondheim, Norway

“UNBELIEVABLE. The large talent, Ragin Wenk-Wolff, thoroughly genuine and masterful, performed her way to a great triumph. (Kvandal violin concerto, premiere)”
Verdens Gang, Oslo, Norway

“All phases of the performance were marked by the sensitive clarity and precision of the true artist with a high technical prowess and penetrating musical insight. The idiom is highly individual and reveals Ragin’s special gift for long, singing lines. ”
Ellensburg Daily Record, Washington

Entranced her audience with her brilliant interpretation.
The Bergen International Festival”
Bergens Tidende, Norway

Already a master. Rich tone, enormous musicality and technical mastery, but also a joy in music making and temperament made the evening an extraordinary experience. ”
Neue Tiroler Zeitung, Innsbruck, Austria

Completely convincing was her musical maturity and the intensity which characterized virtually every detail of phrasing, tone production, rhythmic drive and her clear conception of a work’s overall character and form. -interpreted Bach’s.Adagio with soulful expressiveness which will long be remembered. ”
Aftenposten, Oslo, Norway

Ragin Wenk-Wolff performs Ravel’s dashingly refined and seductively fashioned “Piece en forme de Habanera” and his Tzigane with enchantingly sensuous tonal refinement; the former quite tender, lost and dreamy; the latter fanatical, large, and rhythmically loaded, in which she again brings the G string of her instrument into full bloom. ”
Rhein-Neckar Zeitung, Heidelberg, Germany

“As soloist in Chausson’s “Poeme for violin and orchestra”, Ragin Wenk-Wolff performed with an astoundingly secure sense of form and tonal variation in this sweetly romantic work. ”
Aarhus Stiftsidende, Arhus, Denmark

“She reaches out to the audience’s heart …There are no other musicians who can mesmerize an audience like she does.”
Hi-Fi Review, Hong Kong

“Brahms’ violin concerto in D major naturally occupied the spotlight, brilliantly interpreted by Ragin Wenk-Wolff, our young virtuoso with a great career to look forward to. ”
Faedrelandsvennen, Kristiansand, Norway

Ragin Wenk-Wolff showed plenty of confidence and a firm, broad tone. There was a strong personality behind her playing. -sweetness of touch, command of form in Brahms’ A Major Violin Sonata. Her Bach was delicately phrased and her Ravel really sparkled. The coup of the evening was the Sonata for solo violin, Op.45, composed especially for her by Johan Kvandal in 1976. ”
The Times, London

A natural talent, temperamentally disposed. Even in virtuoso works (such as Ysaye’s solo sonata) she didn’t let brilliance and bravura intrude. ”
Munchner Merkur, Germany

“The evening’s sensation was surely Ragin Wenk-Wolff, a greatly gifted violinist, secure and purposeful with a virtuoso technique. ”
— Morgenbladet, Oslo, Norway

“Extremely talented violinist who possesses wonderful temperament and unfailing musical sense.”
Nathan Milstein

The truly startling surprise – a Mozart interpretation of virtually unbelievable maturity, simply beguiling. ”
Morgenavisen, Bergen, Norway

“She is undoubtedly a personable player with an appealing tone. Miss Wenk-Wolff delighted, displaying a wide range of colour. ”
The Strad, London

“She revealed a glowing relaxed musicianship in Brahms’ expansive sonata in A major, Op. 100, and ideal work for Ragin Wenk-Wolff to demonstrate her sense of color; astonishing what imaginativeness she displays between a velvety dark timbre, soft highs, and shimmering radiance.”
Tageblatt, Heidelberg, Germany


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