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Repertoire for Violin and Orchestra

Arensky Concerto Op. 54
Bach Concerto in A minor
Concerto in E major
Concerto in D minor for 2 violins
Barber Concerto Op. 14
Bartok Concerto No. 1
Concerto No. 2
Beethoven Concerto in D major
Bloch Concerto
Bottesini Grand Duo Concertant for violin and double bass
Brahms Concerto in D major
Double Concerto for violin and cello Op. 102
Britten Concerto Op. 15
Bruch Concerto in G minor
Bjarne Brustad Concerto Op. 4
Jules Conus Concerto in E minor
Von Dittersdorf Concerto in D major
Dvorak Concerto in A minor, Op. 53
Elgar Concerto Op. 61
L. Feigin Concerto Op. 3
Rauf Gadzhiev Concerto
Glazounov Concerto in a minor, Op. 82
Haydn Concerto in C major
Concerto in G major
Iver Holter Concerto in A minor, Op. 22
Jenö Hubay Concerto No. 3 in G minor, Op. 99
Joachim “Hungarian Concerto” in D major, Op. 11
Kabalevsky Concerto Op. 48
Khatchaturyan Concerto
Kvandal Concerto Op. 52 (1979) dedicated to Ragin
Lalo Concerto Op. 20
Symphony Espagnole Op. 21
G. Mantici Segundo Concierto
Mendelssohn Concerto in E major, Op. 64
Mozart Concerto in G major, No. 3
Concerto in D major, No. 4
Concerto in A major, No. 5
Concertone for two violins in C Major KV 190
Sinfonia Concertante for violin and viola
Carl Nielsen Concerto Op. 33
Paganini Concerto No. 1
Concerto No. 2
Penderecki Concerto 1976
Prokofiev Concerto No. 1, Op. 19
Concerto in G minor, No. 2 Op. 63
Julius Röntgen Concerto in A minor (1902)
Saint-Saens Concerto No. 3 Op. 61
V. Salmanov Concerto No. 2
Schumann Concerto
Sibelius Concerto in D major, Op. 47
Richard Strauss Concerto Op. 8
Johan Svendsen Concerto Op. 6
Szymanowski Concerto Op. 35
Concerto Op. 61
Söderlind Concerto, Op. 46 (1986) dedicated to Ragin
Tartini Concerto in E Major
Tchaikovsky Concerto in D major
Geirr Tveitt Concerto
Fartein Valen Concerto Op. 37
Vieuxtemps Concerto No. 4
Viotti Concerto in A Minor No. 22
Vivaldi Concertos
“The Seasons”
Walton Concerto
Kurt Weill Concerto for violin and Wind Orchestra, Op. 12
Wieniawski Concerto in D minor, No. 2
R. Vaughan Williams Concerto Accademico in D Minor

Miscellaneous Works with Orchestra

Albeniz-Kreisler Tango
Beethoven Romance in G major
Romance in F major
Ole Bull Polacca Guerriera
Chausson Poème
Mozart Rondo in C major
Rachmaninoff Vocalise
Ravel Tzigane
Saint-Saëns Introction et Rondo Capriccioso
Havanaise, Op. 83
Sarasate Zigeunerweisen
Navarra for 2 violins
Schubert Adagio and Rondo in A major
Svendsen Romance
Vieuxtemps Ballade et Polonaise, Op. 38
Wieniawski Polonaise Brillante, Op. 4
Polonaise Brillante, Op. 21

Violin Solo with Full Chorus of Mixed Voices

Knut Nystedt Ave Maria, Op. 110 (1990) dedicated to Ragin